Fancy a bath of fresh water in the middle of one of the most beautiful sites in France? Is the paddle itching? The float is calling you? ... Or are you the kind of person how likes to take altitude?

The Verdon gorges and their famous canyon await you to feast on their emerald-colored water twisting amidst their most beautiful cliffs and mountains!

Make your choice: rafting, climbing, paragliding ... a cocktail of thrilling activities to discover the park and its wonders!


More the merrier, the merrier! With family or friends on the most beautiful rapids in Verdon!


With hundred meters of cliffs above your head, discover the famous canyon seen from the bottom!


Alone or in pairs, the most adventurous will succeed in taming the river rapids ... or not!


Whitewater swimming equipped with fins and float, guaranteed splashing!


Become one with the Verdon for the most "immersive" activity  on the days of water release!


When the whitewater guides get loose, it is often on their favorite boat. Demo in pictures!


Because there is not only the river and all its rapids in our wonderful valley...