What data is collected from users of this site?

- Functional cookies:

These cookies have the exclusive purpose of enabling and facilitating electronic communication. These are cookies necessary for the proper functioning of our website. In accordance with the regulations, these cookies are used without your consent. They are therefore not deactivable because essential to the functioning of essential features of the site: allow you to connect to your user session, guarantee the security of the ordering process of a service or a product.

- Cookies of audience measurements:

These cookies are intended to analyze and measure the behavior of visitors to our website. They also make it possible to improve the functioning of our website (by improving the performance or visibility of the most visited pages for example) and to better secure it (by detecting abnormal activities for example).

- Personal data:

The personal data (name, addresses, email, etc ...) filled in during the creation of an account, an order, or the sending of a message on can be consulted / modified / removed in the "my account" section when connected to this site. These data are kept for a period of 5 years and their use is exclusive to this site and is intended solely for the processing of orders, invoices and messages.